Austin Hennrich

Nebraska Legislature District 18

I'm running for the Nebraska legislature because since I was a teenager my dream has been to serve in public office, so that I could fight for the interests of regular, hard-working folks.

-Austin Hennrich


  • No individual and no family should have to deal with both the loss of a loved one and be forced into inescapable debt for the rest of their lives, simply for trying to save their own life, or the life of someone they love.
  • Protecting our most vulnerable should be our highest priority, which is why I believe that Nebraska should ensure that children, seniors, veterans, and the disabled have 100% paid healthcare for anything not provided by the Federal Government.
  • Nebraska should join with other states that have legalized medicinal marijuana. In addition to bringing in revenue, as well as decreasing the number of people we put in jail, this would provide people a safe, alternative treatment to the dangerously addictive opioids that are killing 60,000 Americans every year.
  • Nebraska needs to begin putting high emphasis on treating mental illness. This is an issue we see play out almost daily with addiction rates soaring, as well as a shocking increase in the number of mass shootings.

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  • Nebraska is known for having some of the most affordable schooling in America, but I believe we can go farther, and so we should lead the charge for affordable college across the country and move to abolish tuition fees at colleges, as well as trade schools.
  • This will make Nebraska a beacon, a place with a thriving economy where people can hone and apply their talents and passions without having to worry about crushing debt.
  • We should also protect our public schools and resist the attempts at privatization by charter school favored by corporations and the special-interest elite.

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  • Middle-class people and small businesses are being squeezed by today‚Äôs tax code, which helps the ultra-wealthy at the expense of regular people. Because of this, I believe that we need to increase the amount of taxes paid by the rich in order to finance a tax cut for workers and small businesses.
  • Nebraskan taxpayers should not have to subsidize multi-billion dollar corporations who refuse to pay their workers a living wage. I believe we need to implement a corporate living wage, which will show that in Nebraska we expect a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.
  • I believe that Nebraska should take a cue from North Dakota and open a State Bank of Nebraska. This bank would be owned by Nebraska and would be responsible for investing in Nebraska by providing low interest loans to small businesses, as well as individuals.

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